Yoga is my biggest passion. It doesn't matter how busy I am and what project I am working on, I always have time to practice and teach yoga. I love sharing benefits of practice. It changed my life and I want to show you how it can change yours.

I am believe that yoga is the best tool to develop and maintain physical, mental and emotional health.
My teaching based of principles of traditional yoga (Hatha) and movement (Vinyasa) with combination of breathing exercise and sound healing.

I love to work with complete beginners since I know what it takes to transition from office chair to yoga mat.
I will teach you how to develop yoga and meditation practices in ways that are simple and doable.
Session Overview
  • We will begin with a warm up and then go through some basic movement to assess your practice.
  • I will create a customized sequence for you that will help you to develop your strength and flexibility. Every week we will be adding new elements for keep you challenged and excited.
  • We will explore different breathing techniques to oxygenate your cells, reduce anxiety and increase clarity and focus.
  • We will finish every session with "sound bath". I'm using crystal and Tibetan bowls that provide deep relaxation by slowing down your brainwaves.
I will provide the following:
  • All necessary equipment (mat, blocks, straps, bolster, blanket, eye pillow for restorative yoga – all CLEAN)
  • Customized plan tailored to your individual needs and goals
  • Custom video with home practice and/or guided meditation every two weeks
  • Help with home studio setup (choosing best yoga essentials on the market)
  • Enthusiastic support and motivation
"20 minutes of yoga is more effective than any other physical activity to increase mental clarity, maintain focus, take in, retain and use new information."

-- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Companies I worked with
Vlad is rad, seriously! Yoga was pretty difficult for me in the past because I didn't have a great teacher. However, after my sessions with him yoga became fun, challenging, and enjoyable again. He has an amazing holistic approach to yoga, and is considerate of your personal goals. I'm very excited he's teaching in LA now! Go check out a session--I highly recommend his class!

Amanda A. San Francisco

Vlad is funny, quirky, reliable, flexible, accommodating and I can go on and on with the wonderful adjectives. Vlad was my first ever yoga instructor. I tried it on a whim. But then I got hooked! On our first few sessions, I could barely reach my ankles, much less my toes. He started off slowly, letting my body adjust to these new sensations of stretching my muscles and ligaments. By the time we were 5 months in, he got me doing headstands and wheels! I wish he were still up here to help me progress in my yoga.

Adrienne F. San Francisco

Believe me, Vlad is the best yoga instructor you could ask for. I used to have nasty preconceptions about people doing yoga and went to my first class with him backwards, hating myself for even allowing it. Well, in one hour, Vlad not only completely changed my vision of the practice, but also probably changed my life since now yoga (and meditation) is almost a daily routine for me after a few months. Vlad gave me the confidence and will to keep going, was always kind and encouraging, and very flexible (pun intended) on the schedule and location. We had amazing sessions in various sceneries, and he also accepted that my 5 year old son joined us sometimes. I was very sad when he announced that he was leaving SF for LA, but he was also very good at recommending another instructor to further my practice.

Ost B. San Francisco

I took yoga lessons with Vlad in San Francisco which I really enjoyed. He's passionate about yoga and has great energy. Vlad is also very good about breaking down the details so you can understand how to master new positions. For example, I had problems with head stands, handstands, and crow before Vlad. He helped me learn how to do these positions and left me confident that I could master them with practice. If you're interested in learning yoga, Vlad is a great instructor.

Samidha G. San Francisco

I've been practicing yoga since 2008 and since then I've tried many many teachers, and studios, and festivals, and events, and workshops (thanks to the fact that I've been traveling a lot). I love yoga. I live yoga. But I have to say that out of those hundreds of teachers that I experienced, only a few I can call "Gurus". Only a few created it (the atmosphere), only a few breathed it (the smell), only a few radiated it (the energy). Only a few made their classes unforgettable, only a few made their classes enjoyable from the first second till the last, only a few took you on a journey, only a few made a difference. Vlad was one of them.

Anastasia B. Sausalito, CA

I recently had a one-on-one vinyasa flow session with Vlad on the beach in Santa Monica. It was hands down the best yoga experience that I have ever had. Not only was the setting beautiful, I learned so much about yoga and proper technique. I have just started practicing yoga and having a one-on-one session really helped me focus on my technique. Vlad was very attentive and tailored the session to my skill level. He pointed out a lot of adjustments that I need to make. I also have some issues with my shoulder and knees. He was able to make suggestions on how I could adjust certain positions to not strain or aggravate these past injuries. I learned so much more than I would have in a group class. I am definitely going to schedule my next one-on-one this week.

Jason S. Pasadena, CA

Vlad has completely transformed my body, and has helped me find a newer, more positive outlook on life all together! His technique is tailored specifically to each client, and I've personally never met such a great instructor. Thanks Vlad!!!

Alex S. San Francisco, CA

I never got on that yoga bandwagon that all my friends were quickly jumping on because it was "the thing to do". My only encounter with yoga was back in undergrad when I desperately needed one extra credit unit and, sadly, yoga was the only option. I would be lying if I said I didn't like any of it, I did...the last 15 minutes of it (aka napping) were just perfect! All this changed when I met Vlad. He delivers a very unique experience with meditative and spiritual core and not just stretching and twisting your body into a sailing knot. He'll work with you, motivate you, and inspire you to connect with your body and mind. He turned me into a believer. Namaste!

Tatyana P. San Francisco, CA

Vlad is amazing! First and foremost, He is incredibly intelligent-- which means not only can you trust him to provide instruction that is tailored to your level of fitness-- but that you can rest assured that your body (even if it has sustained an injury) is in good hands. He is incredibly patient, motivating, intuitive and a joy to be around. My time with him has been invaluable! Not only has he strengthened my body, but he has quieted my mind and nourished my soul. Namaste, Vlad!

Yana K. San Francisco, CA

Vlad is a fantastic yoga teacher, he understands how the body works and is careful to be sure no injuries will happen. He really cares to teach and share his knowledge of yoga and is very patient with his students. I would highly recommend Vlad. :)

Maureen, Los Angeles

Love-love-love Vlad's yoga classes. He not only teaches physical poses and gets you an amazing workout but also works with the energy body making you feel balanced and calm. He also has this amazing vibe that makes you want to do yoga and be a good person. His individualized approach makes his classes great for both beginners and Advanced yogis.Ask him about Raw Food transformation too. And take his class. Today :)

Irina B. San Francisco, CA

Vlad is a talented and compassionate yoga practitioner who understands your needs and works with you for the best results. I started with a custom guided meditational/physical practice course and have been very happy with the results. My body feels much better overall (I use yoga in-between high-intenstity workouts to relieve muscle tension) and my mind is more focused and present, too.

George B. Marina del Rey, CA

Vlad's the best! I started taking classes with him in December and I've really noticed a difference in my practice. I love his classes because they are the perfect balance of instruction and flow- he let's you really explore your practice while softly instilling the fundamentals. He's great for students of all levels because he pays attention to each one and offers accessible adjustments to the flow. He monitors the progress of you practice, and offers "homework" and suggestions for the next time.

Beyond that he's an incredibly nice guy! He makes his classes fun by cracking jokes, telling antidotes about his own practice and encouraging you to smile through the tougher poses. They're all simple things but they make those 6:30am classes something I actually look forward too! I leave his classes feeling stronger, happier, and inspired to continue my practice. I can't recommend him enough!

Maddie S. Los Angeles, CA

I met up with Vlad for a private yoga session because I wanted to explore inversions and needed help figuring out what I should work on in order to become more stable. I had so much fun and felt totally comfortable with him as we played around with handstands and went through various core and shoulder strengthening exercises. Vlad is really patient and has a wonderful sense of humor. I came out of the session feeling more confident and inspired with new tools for my personal practice. Vlad is awesome.

Kate C. Cambridge, MA

Vlad is a fantastic yoga teacher, he understands how the body works and is careful to be sure no injuries will happen. He really cares to teach and share his knowledge of yoga and is very patient with his students. I would highly recommend Vlad. :)

Marta M, Los Angeles, CA

Vlad is the best yoga instructor! He's passionate and completely committed to his yoga practice and helping others create their own. He's patient and positive and builds you up with every encounter and gently pushes you. Vlad is a treasure! He's always good natured and has a heart of gold.

Alexis H, Los Angeles, CA

Vlad is attentive and cheerful private yoga instructor. He listen carefully to specifics of my body and practice and constructed our classes based on my previous experience and future goals. I have improved my core strength, focus and meditation methods. I love his suggestions for relaxation and mindset.

Ana B, San Francisco CA

I always thought yoga was never my thing until I started taking classes with Vlad. He is seriously the best yoga instructor out there. He's very patient, understanding, creative and knowledgable in his practice. I'm already seeing results in my body - my core is definitely stronger and I feel a lot more confident in my abilities. The peace I feel from his classes is a lasting effect that flows through the whole day for me. I'm always feeling a lot calmer after each class, yet more energized to get on with my day at work. If you're looking for highly personalized yoga instruction that is effective, look no longer - Vlad is your guy.

Debbie C. Los Angeles, CA

I took a class with Vlad at the Yoga Expo. I don't know what he had me doing that was different but my pectoral muscles and core were sore the next day. I do yoga daily at different studios in my area and his class definitely worked areas that need working. He had and upbeat and fun personality and explained the importance of each pose he brought us to. If I am ever in the L.A. area looking for a great class and yoga workout I will definitely look him up.

Linda B., Quail Valley, CA

The first time I met vlad was at a community yoga studio in San Francisco. His energy was amazing and immediately attracted me. We started talking and he told me about his private yoga classes that he had just started. Soon after we began practicing together about once a week. He is great at leading through a flow and I miss our time dearly since he's been in LA. I would recommend vlad to someone who has never tried yoga or to someone who has been practicing for twenty years. His energy radiates and after an hour with him you will fall in love with yoga and how it can make you feel.

Lily S. Santa Cruz, CA

I learned so much from Vlad. I now realize that even though I've been doing yoga for a couple of years, I have not fully experienced the benefits of holding poses. Vlad helped me adjust my poses and I finally learned what they should really feel like. He is great at helping improve one's practice and take it to the next level. Thank you heaps !

Marina K. San Francisco, CA

Vlad is an amazing person, yoga instructor and friend! His positive energy is infectious and he truly cares about helping you reach your goals -- whatever they may be. He's also super fun to be around and a great and doesn't take himself too seriously. I absolutely recommend taking his classes. You won't regret it! Miss you Vlad :)

Ximena A. San Francisco, CA

We love Vlad to be our whole family yoga instructor. We have him to teach us yoga since last year. And my two little one love to do yoga with him too! Thank you for being such a great encouraging instructor to my whole family!

Shakia Z. San Francisco, CA
Looking forward to our collaboration